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Great Lakes CPL Training, LLC is an authorized provider for many Red Cross training classes and William Parsons is the certified Red Cross Instructor. You can sign up for many of my classes through the Red Cross link at: or just sign up through this website on my Registration page. Just indicate which Red Cross class. The class fee must be paid at the time of registration and can be paid through the PayPal link please.

The classes I currently offer are as follows: 

​American Red Cross Authorized Provider and Certified Instructor

Adult AED/CPR                Online/Class: $75.00      Classroom: $90.00        3 hrs

​Adult AED/CPR/FA          Online/Class: $89.00      Classroom: $110.00    6.5 hrs

Adult/Pediatric AED/CPR/FA  Online/Class: $89.00  Classroom: $110.00  6.5 hrs

Basic Life Support for       Online/Class: $75.00      Classroom: $90.00      6.5 hrs

Healthcare Givers CPR/AED

Professional Rescuers        Online/Class: $75.00     Classroom: $90.0        4.25 hrs


Babysitters Certification    Classroom: $75.00                                             7.5 hrs


(CPR) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
(AEDAutomated external defibrillator
(FA) First Aid