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Current Gun Inventory (must add tax) AS OF: April 26

ITEM                                                                             RETAIL

Gun Kit Complete, Del-Ton     (lower & MAGPUL kit)       $500.00

Springfield Saint AR 5.56/.223                                               $825.00
MAG Tactical AR 15 Empty Lower                                         $70.00    
Ruger, LC9s 9mm, TALO Cerakote                                       $395.00 
Ruger, LC9s 9mm, Black                                                          $380.00     
Ruger, LC9s 9mm, Purple                                                        $380.00     
Ruger, LC9s 9mm, Teal (x 2)                                                  $380.00     
Ruger AR 5.56/.223 Mdl 8500                                               $600.00               
Century Arms Rifle: RAS47 7.62x39                                   $575.00
Remington 870 Express Combo: Wood Stock 12G          $495.00     
Remington 870 Express Tactical, Black 18.5” barrel        $350.00     
Remington 870 Express Pistol Grip, Black 12 gauge        $300.00            
Henry Rifle, Lever Action .22LR/SR                                   $275.00     
Mossberg, 500 Combo: Wood Stock 12G                        $400.00     
Mossberg, 535ATS include Turkey and Rifled Barrels     $425.00     
Smith & Wesson Revolver: M637 Chief, Black Grip       $425.00     
Taurus Revolver: M85 38SP Ultralite                                 $325.00     
Taser, C2 Gold Package: Silver w/holster (CPL REQ)     $275.00     
Taser, Pulse: Laser/Light w/holster (CPL REQ)               $325.00     
Glock 43 9mm Compact w/Case                                         $425.00     
Smith & Wesson Bodyguard w/Green Laser                    $400.00     
Remington Pistol: R51 9mm Compact                              $350.00
Remington Pistol: RM380 (x 2)                                           $325.00     
Walther PPS M2: 9mm, Incl 2 magazines                         $425.00     
Honor Defense Pistol, 9mm 3.2” barrel w/2 magazines    $400.00     
Thompson Center Muzzleloader: Impact, Camouflage     $300.00

Thompson Center Muzzleloader: Pro Hunter FX            $525.00

You can get firearms and firearm training from a true small arms expert!

Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer

You must pass an FBI background check to purchase a gun through us. You must have purchase permit from your local police/sheriff's office or a valid Michigan Concealed Pistol License. Simply fill out the necessary Form 4473 and then the FBI will be contacted immediately (unless you possess a valid CPL) for purchase approval. We are also able to transfer personal weapons from one dealer to another, or legally transport from a dealer to a wholesaler for a $25 fee.

We Can Teach and Train You In:

  • Home Security
  • Personal Security
  • Automobile Security
  • Workplace Security​
  • Technological Security​

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