Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer

You must pass an FBI background check to purchase a gun through us. You must have purchase permit from your local police/sheriff's office or a valid Michigan Concealed Pistol License. Simply fill out the necessary Form 4473 and then the FBI will be contacted immediately (unless you possess a valid CPL) for purchase approval. We are also able to transfer personal weapons from one dealer to another, or legally transport from a dealer to a wholesaler for a $25 fee.

Current Gun Inventory (must add tax) AS OF:  April 13, 2018

ITEM                                                                             RETAIL
Rifle, Savage: 93R17, 17 HMR w/Scope                                         $375.00

Rifle, Henry: Lever Action, .22LR                                                     $250.00

***Various pistol/rifle/shotgun sights and lasers also available***

Shotgun, Mossberg, 500 Combo: Wood Stock 12G                   $395.00

Taser, Pulse: Laser/Light w/holster (CPL REQ)                            $275.00

***We are a Glock Stocking Dealer for guns/parts/service!***

Pistol, Remington: RM380                                                                $275.00         
Pistol, Springfield: XDe 9mm                                                           $425.00

Pistol, Remington: R51 9mm (Factory Refurbished)                $300.00

USEDWindham Weaponry 7.62x39 AR 16" Barrel                  $650.00

(Pictured on the right

We have many great consignments in the store now. Please come and see them all!   

 ***We carry many muzzleloading supplies/primers/powder**

Stop in to see our inventory of used firearms! 

You can get firearms and firearm training from a true small arms expert!

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Office: (616) 805-3055 - Cell: (616) 482-9370 

We Can Teach and Train You In:

  • Home Security
  • Personal Security
  • Automobile Security
  • Workplace Security​
  • Technological Security​
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