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                    You can get firearms and firearm training from a true small arms expert!

USCCA Instructor Training Class:  $347.00 (2-day Classroom portion)

Do you want to become an instructor and teach people how to become legal concealed pistol carriers? Our instructor is United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) certified Training Counselor. There is an online portion that costs $277, that must be completed at least two weeks prior to next scheduled Instructor Course. Please contact Bill Parsons for additional details.

CPL Training:  $120.00 (CASH paying includes range fees)

The classes are delivered in a group setting, usually with six to 15 students. Our instructor is NRA and United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) certified and will cover all necessary elements of the class.  Please note this is not a basic course, and it is meant for adults with a working knowledge of proper gun use and are proficient with their firearm. People without this experience should not take this course. A Basic Pistol Course is offered as well. 

Advanced Pistol Course $150.00
This course will help build the skills needed to defend yourself outside the home.  We will cover many movements beginning with drawing from the holster variations, to shooting around obstacles and a tactical board. There will be some movements and will require the students to be on the ground and operating during  inclimate weather.

Basic Pistol Class $75.00
This course is for those who are new to handguns and shooting handguns. We will introduce you to several handgun types, i.e., semi automatics, revolvers, and DA/SA.  This class may not include any live shooting, but does include handling several firearms for familiarity, how to clean them, and how to correct malfunctions. 

Classes and Training 

Great Lakes CPL Training LLC is known around Walker, Michigan, for courses in firearm and bow hunting training. Apart from teaching correct use, we also offer gun sales at low prices. 

We Can Teach and Train You In:

  • Home Security
  • Personal Security
  • Automobile Security
  • Workplace Security​
  • Technological Security​

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