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About Us

Great Lakes CPL Training LLC is a leader of many areas of firearm training in Walker, Michigan. Bill Parsons is a certified instructor through the NRA and USCCA, which are Michigan approved organizations that meet the requirements for the State of Michigan concealed carry. The CPL license also allows the holder to carry a handheld Taser for a non-lethal defense option.

Clients are able to rely on our extensive background and experience in small arms and safety.

Office/Cell: (616) 482-9370 

CPL Training

Before acquiring your CPL (Concealed Pistol License), the State of Michigan requires a specific CPL training class. Please note this is not a basic course, and it is meant for adults with a working knowledge of proper gun use and are proficient with their firearm. People without this experience should not take this course. A Basic Pistol Course is offered as well.  NOTENeither Kent nor Ottawa Counties require any formal review training as stated on the application. They do NOT require any certificates from anyone. This is strictly up to the currently licensed person to stay current on all laws concerning concealed carry.  I would advise anyone renewing outside these two counties to call their respective County Clerk and ask what their specifics are before spending any money on formal training.

Gun Sales & Firearm Transfers

As a federally licensed firearms dealer, we offer affordable new hand gun sales. We are also able to transfer personal guns from one dealer to another, or legally transfer from a dealer to a wholesaler